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Excursion descriptions

1. Old Rauma

2. Noormarkku (Villa Mairea)

Note! Minimum number of excursion participants is 25 people. In case of less than 25 participants on either excursion, all the excursion participants may be joined in to the most popular excursion. In this case, the participation fee is not refundable.

Book exhibition

We offer You the possibility to hold a book exhibition. Please send all the information needed in advance by e-mail to mrs. Katriina Siivonen or mrs. Riina Haanpää.


For further information, please contact:

Mrs. Katriina Siivonen, e-mail: katriina.siivonen(at)

Mrs. Riina Haanpää, e-mail: riina.haanpaa(at)

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